Just Got Moved out of the Dorms

I lived in the dorms when I was a freshman and I pretty much hated it. It was pretty awkward living in the same room with a random stranger and the guy I got was really quite off. It was not like he was frightening or anything of that sort, but he was very odd and a real pain to deal with when he did not get his way. Now I am living with five other guys in this enormous house about five blocks from the campus. We got the Direct TV current offer, which was around 20 dollars per month plus about five dollars a month more per box. Since there are six of us we actually needed seven boxed, so it was fifty dollars per month when it all came out. That is a lot of money if you are the one guy who gets the bill, but it is less than ten dollars a month when you split it six ways. I decided to go ahead and bring a dorm fridge and keep it in my room. I figure that there is not any point in putting stuff in the fridge down the stairs and expecting people will not eat it. If they are hungry or thirsty and they see something that they want, then they are probably going to eat it. That is just the way that it is and I picked up this little fridge for a few bucks from a guy who did not need it any more. The place is a big mess most of the time, but I keep my room straightened up for the most part. The noise is not too bad in my room. I can study just fine when I need to. Down in the living room it is a different story.

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